S  A  F  E  T  Y  
At Vee Aar Fabricators (VAF), we work hard to provide and establish safe working practices at our work sites. We lay some safety requirements that are mandatory and should be fully understood both by contractor and their employees.

Safety Policy : Each construction firm shall have a safety policy, which shall deal with matters like :

Arrangements for training al all levels with particular attention to key workers.
Safe methods or systems for hazardous operations.
The duties & responsibilities of supervisors and key workers.
Arrangements by which information on safety and health is to be made known.
Arrangements for setting up safety committees.
The upkeep and maintenance of tools/machinery/safety appliances in perfect working condition.
Feedback system and corrective measures wherever required.

Safety In-Charge : The contractor at all the times shall designate a supervisor possessing requisite experience and skill  for safety and health duties. Some examples of duties, which shall be assigned are :

» Observance of safety action plan for work conditions stipulated in terms/agreement.
» Provision, construction and maintenance of safety facilities like access roadways, pedestrian routes,         
   barricades and overhead protection.
» Construction and installation of safety signs. v Testing of lifting machineries such as cranes and goods hoists
   and lifting gears such as ropes and shackles.
» Transmission of relevant parts of safety plan to each work group. Information to management, quickly about
   unsafe practices and defective equipments.
» Attend safety meetings and provide all information about safety..
» safety talk to supervisors and workers.

Worker : Each worker is under a moral and often legal duty to take maximum care for his or her own safety and other fellow workers. Workers should participate actively in "tool-box briefing" and "safety checks". They are also expected to acquire/possess the knowledge and skill of assigned task.

Safety Committee at site : The safety commit shall include site-incharge of VAF, representative from contractor identified as safety officer/supervisor and representative of workers. The duties carries by active staff committee will include :

» Regular and frequent meetings to discuss the safety and health programs on site.
» Consideration of reports of safety personnel.
» Discussion of accident and illness reports in order to make appropriate recommendations for prevention.
» Evaluating improvements made.
» Examination of suggestions made by workers, particularly by safety representatives.
» Planning and taking part in educational and training programs and information sharing sessions.
» Safety members shall wear a badge a safety badge supplied by VAF.

Safety Equipments : Safety equipment/personal protective equipments shall be of approved make and are essential for avoiding injuries to workers on the job. A register showing stock and issue of PPE shall be maintained by the contractor at site and must be available for inspection.



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